A Bold Look at the “Gold”

Exploring the Exotic World of Gold

Gold is a highly dense precious metal known for its vibrant yellow hues, extreme malleability, and high durability. It is extracted in the form of ores or grains from rocks or alluvial deposits.

Close Look at Colored Gold

Since pure natural gold is highly malleable, other elements are mixed in different proportions giving rise to different shades of this priceless metal.

Prominent Varieties of Colored Gold

Both yellow and rose gold are mixtures of pure gold with copper and silver but in different proportions, whereas white gold is made up of pure gold mixed with nickel, silver, and palladium.

Other Varieties of Colored Gold

Green gold (with silver, zinc, and copper), grey gold (with iron or indium), black gold (with cobalt or using the electroplating technique) are other varieties of colored gold along with less popular purple and blue ones.

Gold Varieties Under Magnifier: Gold Karat Marks

Gold’s purity is measured in karats (k) with 24k having 99.9% of gold, 18k with 75% gold content, 14k with around 58.5% gold, and 10k having 41.7% of pure gold. The lesser the % of gold, the more the % of alloys.

Wondering What’s Best For You?

Curating bright yellow, silvery-white, pinkish rose, or a fusion of any of these gold varieties is entirely up to your preference or suitability; all are equally trending in jewelry fashion streets.

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