Alecia ‘Pink’ - Songs, Jewelry & More

Meet one of the most sensational music & fashion inspirations of the 21st century…

From ‘Alecia Moore’ to ‘Pink’

Born as Alecia Beth Moore, ‘P!nk’ became a legendary singer, songwriter and even an actor with her unprecedented commitment and undying passion for music.

From First Step to Ultimate Stardum

From 2000 released “Can’t Take Me Home” to her latest venture “Trustfall” in 2023, ‘Pink’ spread her pop rock and R&B beats across the world through international tours.

And the List Goes On…

“There You Go” singer made several times into Billboard Top 10 lists and collaborated with performers such as Steven Tyler, Kenny Chesney and Chris Stapleton among others.

Splash of ‘Fashion’ & ‘Voice’

“Lady Marmalade” famed singer also gave voice to “Get the Party Started”, “Who Knew”, “So What” and “Love Me Anyway”, becoming one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

Unusual Taste in Fashion Jewelry

“Just Give Me a Reason” singer gives you several reasons to turn back and admire her taste in fashion jewelry as you can see here…

“Sapphire” is “Pink’s” Birthstone!!!

Proud recipient of several accolades, ‘Pink’ is a September-born whose birthstone is the multi-colored gem: sapphire.

Style like ‘Pink’ @GemsNY

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