Alexandrites: The Chameleon of Gemstones

Known for their color-changing properties, alexandrite gemstones have captivated human hearts for centuries.

The Alexandrite Effect

Alexandrites appear with a vivid green color like an emerald under natural lighting. However, under fluorescent lighting, these gemstones change their color into a red, reminiscent of a ruby.

Deep Symbolism

The alexandrite gemstones symbolize the different phases of our lives. They represent continuous balance and transformation, showing the dual aspect of life.

Rich History

Discovered in the 1830s in the Ural mountains of Russia. These gemstones were named after the Tsar of Russia, Alexander II.

Metaphysical Properties

Alexandrites remind us to overcome our obstacles and adapt to changes. Wearing an alexandrite can enhance positivity, enabling one to stay open to new challenges.

Where is it Found?

Fine quality alexandrites are primarily found in Sri-Lanka, Brazil and East Africa.

The Most Famous Alexandrite

The Sauer Alexandrite, discovered in 1867 in Brazil. Towering above all, it is the world's largest raw gemstone, weighing roughly around 54 pounds.

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