All about Native American Day

Native American Day traces its origins to the early 20th century when numerous states began designating days to honor indigenous people. Later in 1990, South Dakota officially announced Native American Day as a state holiday.

Origins of Native American Day

When is it celebrated?

This day is celebrated on the fourth Friday of September every year. This year it will be solemnized on Sept. 22, 2023.

Diversity of Nations

There are various Native American communities, made up of nearly 500 different nations, each with their own unique languages, cultures and traditions. This diversity is a testament to their legacy.

Traditional Arts

Native American art is regarded for its symbolic significance and beauty. Their artistic manifestations, ranging from exquisite ceramics to intricate beadwork have been passed down through generations.

Connection to Nature

Various Native American cultures have a profound spiritual bond amidst the land and nature. They make us understand the important lesson about environmental stewardship and sustainability.


Powwows are unique colorful festivals that emphasize Native American dance, music, and tradition. People are invited to participate in these activities, which give them an opportunity to get an insight about indigenous customs.

Social Contributions

Native Americans have made some of the major contributions in art, medicine, and agriculture. Their impact is witnessed in numerous facets of contemporary life.

Challenges and Resilience

Throughout the years, Native Americans have faced several challenges and difficulties, such as forced displacement, discrimination, and prejudice.

Celebrating Together

On this day, people of all communities come together to acknowledge the diverse spectrum of indigenous traditions. It's a day of togetherness and appreciation for the accomplishments of Native Americans.

How can you participate?

You can participate in debates & other activities by learning about indigenous traditions, their history & contemporary issues, and also by supporting Native American-owned businesses.

Celebrate with GemsNY

Lets conclude our adventure through Native American Day, and remember the significance of protecting and respecting the customs & traditions of indigenous people.