Battle of White Gold & Platinum

White gold is an amalgamation of real gold with other white metals such as silver, nickel or palladium.

A Glimpse into the World of White Gold

Gaze the World of Platinum

Platinum is a precious metal known for its rarity and purity. It exhibits a natural white hue that perfectly blends with every gemstone.

Clash of Strength and Durability Between White Gold & Platinum

When compared to white gold, platinum is denser and heavier, making it sturdy and scratch-tolerant.

Valuation of both Metals

White gold is much affordable than platinum, making it accessible to a wider audience. Whereas, platinum’s rarity and high demand elevates its price, making it a token of royalty & elite.

Comparison of their Beauty

White gold exhibits a vivid, silverish-white hue, often polished with rhodium for extra shine. On the contrary, the genuine color of platinum showcases a soft, elegant shine that requires no polish.

Applications of White Gold and Platinum

White gold is commonly used in distinctive jewelry designs from rings to bracelets and necklaces. Whereas, platinum’s radiance makes it perfect for precious gemstones and creating ageless, treasured quality pieces.

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