Billie Eilish: Stellar Music Performer

Let’s cheer up for the Grammy winner for her music & evolving fashion sense

Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Reputation

The song earned Eilish the tag of being the first 21-st century born artist who made it to the US Billboard Hot 100

The Grammy Holder’s Playlist Includes…

“What Was I Made For?”, “Your Power”, “Everything I Wanted”, “Therefore I Am”, “My Future”, “No Time to Die” and so on…

Eilish as a Responsible Activist

Eilish has been vocal on social issues such as gender equality, body positivity, climate change and women’s reproductive rights

Gen-Z Fashion & Pop Sensation

Known for her overwhelming take on styling, Eilish knows how to draw a fine line between being a fashion diva and a fashion disaster

Eilish’s Fashion Jewelry Highlights

Eilish is a showstopper, thanks to her experimentation with stacking and layering contemporary jewelry

Eilish’s Confession: “I am for the girls”

Eilish came out in the November 2023 edition of Variety Power of Women, garnering mass attention

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