Columbus Day Jewelry Sale En Route

Gear up to discover the world of unique gemstone jewelry pieces because GemsNY’s Columbus Day Mega Sale is coming your way!

Is Your Heart Set On Gemstone Jewelry?

If you like gemstone jewelry pieces, the coming Columbus Day Sale will blow your mind like nothing else does!

What’s On Sale?

The mega sale comprises jewelry made with natural colored gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, emerald and natural & lab diamonds, to name a few

Why Wait For Sale?

The GemsNY Columbus Day Sale will offer you massive discounts (up to 25%) that’ll help you get yourself the bling you’ve been waiting for!

When Does The Sale Begin?

The price-slashing enormous Columbus Day Sale will be live on October 9, 2023, so it’s better that you postpone your plans for that day

To Get The Best Out Of It...

Because the Columbus Day Sale is a one-day event, we suggest you go for it with a list of all the gemstone jewelry pieces that you want