Contrasting Tones of Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

Gold has been one of the most celebrated and priced metals that graced the jewels adorned by the lords of ancient kingdoms and was employed to create idols of gods

Trespassing the Exotic World of Gold

Grandeur of Golden Gold Granules

Pure gold deforms easily, making it unsuitable for creating articles.Other elements are mixed for strength and color.

Fusion of Yellow Gold & Copper: Rose Gold

The union of yellow gold & copper is what gives this combination a mushy pink hue that one could literally die for since copper is the messenger of the goddess of love

Swooning Over Romantic Shades of Russian Gold

An affordable catch with less gold and more copper, the rose gold is also tagged as ”Russian Gold” for being introduced to the world through the Russian Faberge Eggs.

Mixture of Pure Gold & Other Elements: Yellow Gold

The blend of copper, zinc, and sterling silver with pure gold is the symbol of timeless tradition and a priceless attraction with its classic undertones

Yellow Gold Calls for Extensive Care for its Shine

The daily worn yellow gold needs some extra care to keep its shine and should be polished regularly to prevent scratching

Yellow Gold vs. Rose Gold - Points of Differentiation

The two varieties of gold differ primarily in terms of color but not too much in terms of strength and price, though they might different skin types

Focusing on Element Concentration

The traces of copper in rose jewelry keeps it radiating pink while the elements used in yellow gold do require polishing and plating of rhodium to maintain their charm.

Suitability to  Sensitive Skins

While copper in the rose gold could be allergic to some, yellow gold can come to the rescue for sensitive skins as long as it’s nickel-free. Pure gold is hypoallergenic.

Suitability for Skin Tones

While the rose gold goes down well with all skin tones with its subtle shades and less luster, the yellow gold’s vibrant gleam might look exaggerating on fair skin tones

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