Diamond Shapes & Their Compatibility

Learn about the suitability of diamond shapes with diamond color and grade beforehand to avoid impulse buying

Round-shaped Diamonds

Opt for an I or J color diamond in white gold, or a K color diamond in yellow or rose gold

Princess-shaped Diamonds

Go for an H or I color diamond for white gold settings, or a J color diamond for yellow or rose gold settings

Oval-shaped Diamonds

An H color diamond is what you should be looking for

Cushion-shaped Diamonds

SI1 and SI2 diamonds in the cushion shape will appear flawless

Emerald-cut Diamonds

An H color, VS2 clarity diamond will look great in this shape

Pear-shaped Diamonds

Sticking to an H color diamond with SI1 or SI2 clarity is your best bet

Marquise-shaped Diamonds

An I or J color diamond in yellow or rose gold will rock in the marquise shape

Asscher-cut Diamonds

A VS2 clarity, H color diamond will best suit the Asscher cut

Heart-shaped Diamonds

Choosing from SI1 and SI2 clarity grades might give you an eye-clean diamond

You’re Ready Now!

Now that you’ve learned it all, it’s about time you got yourself a natural or lab-grown diamond from GemsNY