Doja Cat: Surreal Fashion Moments

What do you think of her style – futuristic, surreal or something else?

Daring Red Look: Red Paint & 30,000 Crystal

Schiaparelli Spring-Summer 2023 Couture Show, Paris

Fashion Bug @ MTV Awards 2021

Doesn’t it seem like a sci-fi inspired futuristic fashion? Look at that gigantic ring! Seems like a ruby. Get your ruby ring at

2022 Paris Fashion Week

Looks straight out of the Gothic age but with a futuristic twist. Doja was both admired & roasted for wearing blue & white face paint. Love the earrings though. Want one? Go to

2022 Vogue World Fashion Show

Yet another extraordinary style. Truly futuristic.

2022 Paris Fashion Week

By wearing gold paint, Doja Cat made Paris Fashion Week her fashion playground, don’t you think?

2023 Haute Couture Week

Doja wore faux facial hair for this daring look ever!!

Not So Unconventional Jewelry

We love Doja Cat’s fashion but if you find it a bit out of league for yourself, then maybe you should visit for gold & platinum jewelry featuring sparkling gemstones.