Trendy Engagement Ring Stones

Seeking out a unique centerstone for your engagement ring? Sit tight and swipe!

Blue Sapphire

A particular favorite of royalty and coveted by the majority, blue sapphire is precisely what you want for the queen of your dreams!


Because the relaxing hues of an emerald will calm her heart whenever she feels anxious, this one makes a great option!


If she’s a lover of the beauty and tranquility of oceans, she’ll surely say yes if you propose to her with an aquamarine engagement ring


A gem that changes its color from green in daylight to red in incandescent light seems perfect for your magical love story. Agree?

Paraiba Tourmaline

Just one paraiba tourmaline is found in the time taken to mine 10,000 diamonds. If rarity is what you’re looking for, nothing tops this one!

Pink Morganite

Did you know that less than 1% of morganites come in this pink color? No doubt pink morganite is trending as an engagement ring stone!


Well, this list can’t end without ‘the king of precious stones’. Opt for a ‘pigeon blood’ ruby if you can’t settle for anything but the best!

Made Up Your Mind?

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