Garnet Jewelry: Hollywood Edition

A-List Necklace

A-list actresses such as Emma Stone and Natalie Portman have been spotted gracing red carpets with exquisite garnet necklaces.

Rockin’ Garnet Earrings

Not just the silver screen, garnet jewelry is adorned by musicians such as Taylor Swift and Rihanna.

Dazzling Finger Candy

Garnet rings are all the rage among celebrities like Lady Gaga.

Garnet for Men

Garnets are not just for the ladies! Male celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Cris Hemworth have been seen wearing garnet lapel pins.

His & Hers Granet Love

Couples like Jay-Z and Beyoncé have taken their love for garnet jewelry to the next level by wearing matching garnet accessories.

Celebrity-Inspired Garnet Jewelry @GemsNY

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