Gigi Hadid’s Splendid Jewelry Moments

A peek into American Model and Television Personality’s Jewelry Fascination

Hadid’s Golden Energy

Hadid’s gold hoop earrings and stacked link chain necklaces are dazzling even brighter here under bright sunshine accompanied by a cool burgundy backdrop.

Hadid’s Pearl Confessions

Hadid surely nails every dress up with her elevated confidence and simplicity. Here’s how flawlessly she displays her multi-layered pearl choker necklace stacked with a huge pearl pendant.

Hadid’s Diamond Diaries

Check out how Hadid’s red carpet diamond bling grabbed a million eyeballs and attracted eye-blinded flashes from the paparazzi.

Hadid Igniting Sparks

We never thought a black and white jewelry combination would make such a sparkling delight until Hadid walked through our hearts amid ramp walk limelights.

Hadid’s Bold Accessory Vibes

See how Hadid’s mismatched earrings along with colorful beads and shell-inspired necklaces complement her bold personality here.

Hadid’s Candid Jewelry Rhymes

Seems as if Hadid has a thing for layered necklaces. Look at how effortlessly she sports this casual look with layered pendant necklaces in different designs.

Wanna Draw Authentic Jewelry Inspiration?

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