Golden Vibes: Yellow-Gold and Rose-Gold

Yellow Gold Sparkle

Gold has adorned ancient kingdoms and created idols of gods.

Rose Gold Beauty

A mix of yellow gold and copper gives it a mushy pink hue.

Pure gold's malleability

Pure gold is too soft, so other elements are mixed for strength and color.

Russian Gold

"Russian Gold” has less gold and more copper, making it affordable.

Yellow-Gold Care

Regular polishing prevents scratching and keeps yellow-gold gleaming.

Skin Suitability

Rose gold suits all skin tones, while yellow gold shines bright on fair skin.

Sensitive Skin Savvy

Pure gold is hypoallergenic, while nickel-free yellow gold is gentle on sensitive skin.

Gold's secret ingredients

Rose gold has more copper than yellow gold for that feminine pink hue. Others are Zinc  & Cobalt

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