Hilary Duff: Queen of Sass & Style

Useless Fabric as Cardigan?

Its year 2000 and anything is possible, especially for Duff.

Wrap up Tight!

Hello and welcome to Duff’s scarf era.

And, OMG this Scarf!

I just wanna know, who knitted this?

Double Trouble.

Why wear one tank when you can rock two, and that too with a matching pendant?

Snow Day or Slay Day?

Leggings & platform snowboots —  the ultimate power combo!

Nostalgia Alert!

Pinstripe pants with beaded chains — who’s in for a trip down memory lane?

Thin Straps, Big Statements!

Teeny-tiny spaghetti straps and diamond earrings for the win!

Talbots Throwback!

Chunky beaded necklaces straight outta 2005.

Wanna style like her?

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