Honoring The Normandy World War II Warriors On 79th D-Day

Honoring The Bravest Hearts And Purest Souls Of All Time

The Sunshine of the 6th June 2023 glorified the sacrifices of the D-Day warriors who fought bravely on the battlefield back in 1944 on June 6th, 79 years ago.

Expressing Heartfelt Gratitude To The True Legends

The US Department Of Defence took pride in commemorating the 9,386 legendary US military men, the graves of most of whom rest on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France.

The Living Heros Standing Tall And Bright

The 79th D-Day ceremony held at American Cemetery on Omaha Beach hosted by Lloyd Austin, the US Defense Secretary, was witnessed by more than forty WW II veterans.

Revisiting The Ruins Of Pride “D-Day Beaches”

The veterans of WW II gathered at the memorable D-Day beaches in Normandy through trips organized by French localites and charitable trusts to pay their respects.

79th D-Day: Well Remembered By The World

The visitors piled up fresh blossoms while waving American flags at Omaha Beach in the memories of departed souls who set the future generations free from the dictator Nazi’s control.

Liberating Mourning With Teary Eyes: D-Day Horrors Revisited

17 years old Scott, now 97, still gets goosebumps recalling the gunfire, aircraft bombing, and machine guns bombarding on D-Day but feels proud to be the acting communication operator for the day.

GemsNY Pays Heartfelt Respects To The International War Legends

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