IGI vs. GIA Certifications: Differences & Similarities

There are many gemstone certifying bodies across the world, let us compare two of the most prominent ones.

What is IGI Certification?

IGI certification determines the quality and authenticity of a gemstone or jewelry piece, encompassing the various treatments it’s gone through.

What is GIA Certification?

GIA certification includes visual inspection, gemological testing and analysis of a gemstone’s physical & chemical properties.

What are the Differences?

GIA’s reports focus on the 4Cs, whereas IGI’s reports provide an analysis of a jewel, including details of its fluorescence, polish and symmetry grades.

What are the Similarities?

Both the prominent organizations use a similar methodology based on the 4Cs for grading diamonds.

Which One is Better?

GIA is generally considered a more prestigious and established institution, but relying on any of them is a matter of personal preference.

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