4th of July US Independence Day

Joy of Independence

4th July 1776- when the thirteen colonies were declared independent from the British ruler, King George III

Unsung Glory of Tri-colored American Flag

The “Old Glory” soaked in the nationalist hues of the red, blue, and white shades, radiates the love and respect for the nation.

Independence Day with GemsNY

Get drenched in the federal hues of the American “Stars and Bars” with our US flag-inspired jewelry collection.

Camouflaging Alexandrites

Enjoy the Independence Day Fair & fireworks display with color-shifting alexandrite’s emerald tone in the daylight and ruby shades near twilight.

Scarlet-Stark Rubies

The stark red-hued rubies resonate well with the American flag’s red stripes - a perfect choice to glam up the Independence Day carnival.

Deep-Hued Blue Sapphires & Tanzanite

Vibrant blues of blue sapphire and tanzanite will complement the royal blues of the star-spangled banner at the concert night.

Bright Green Emeralds

Blissful emeralds will pair up effortlessly with white, red, or blue attire for your Independence Day Barbecue Party.

Sparkling Flawless Diamonds

And who could question the inevitable charm of colorless diamonds? Every celebration is bland without them.

Make Merry With GemsNY Jewelry Collection

Make your 4th July celebration special with a heartfelt curated jewelry piece from GemsNY.