Jimmy Carter & Rosalynn: 77 Years of Marriage

The Perfect example of commitment & companionship for modern Couples...

Another Milestone in the Journey

The union of Jimmy Carter(98) & Rosalynn Carter(95) is truly blessed by heavens, for the couple celebrated 77 years of their wedding on Friday, 7th July 2023

Jimmy Carter: Former US President

The world remembers Jimmy Carter as 39th President of the USA who served his Presidential term from January 1977 to January 1981

Rosalynn Carter: Writer & Human Rights Activist

Mrs. Carter is a renowned writer & mental health advocate who acted as the first lady of the United States during the presidential tenure of her husband

How the Couple’s Eternal Love Story Blossomed?

Jimmy fell for Rosalynn’s charm, his sister’s friend, during his naval training days when his sister planned a date for the duo

Tied by Eternal Vows of Marriage

The couple exchanged vows in 1946 and later became proud parents of four children, including three sons and a daughter

The Secret of Long Lasting Love

On their 75th wedding anniversary, the couple said that they never went to sleep with any unresolved matter

How are You Planning to Commemorate Your Big Day?

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