JoJo Siwa: Stunning Glam-up Looks

“The J Team” Leader

We’ve known Siwa from the 2015 & 2016 seasons of the reality TV show  ”Dance Moms” and her 2021 feature film called “The J Team”.

“Karma” Queen

Siwa’s latest music is a single “Karma” released on April 5, 2024, though the album is yet to release.

Striking Looks

Siwa created a buzz with her futuristic looks from ”Karma”. Her all-black & all-white dresses were interesting.

Shining Trophies

Siwa holds “Favorite Viral Music Artist”, “Favorite Musical YouTube Creator” and “Favorite Social Music Star” titles.

Noteworthy Appearances

This is when Siwa rocked like a star in her black-inspired ensembles.

Colorful Blast

Whimsical jackets, pants, sneakers and head accessories - Siwa’s a spoiled princess for sure.

Jewel Swag!!!

Layered chains and multiple ear piercings are Siwa’s way of slayin’.

GemsNY’s Glitz

Style gold and platinum jewelry for women and shine like JoJo.