Justin Timberlake: Beyond the Mic

The Pop Maestro

Justin Timberlake, the Prince of Pop, is a singer, songwriter, producer and actor. His artistry redefines entertainment, captivating generations with flair!

Rising Star

Young Timberlake dazzled on Star Search and Mickey Mouse Club, paving the way for NSYNC’s chart-topping success– 70 million records sold worldwide.

Cinematic Appearances

Timberlake got great admiration for his characters in The Social Network, Friends with Benefits, Love Guru and more.

Legendary Trophies

Timberlake’s trophy collection is legendary! He earned 10 Grammys, 4 Primetimes, 3 Brits, 9 Billboards, the Contemporary Icon Awards and MTV’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awards.

Style Icon

Beyond music and films, Timberlake’s style steals the spotlight! He loves adding a casual, sporty vibe to his look with funky sneakers and striking chains.

Fashion Entrepreneur

Timberlake co-founded William Rast in 2005, a style venture that’s now under WHP Global’s ownership.

Justin Timberlake’s Birthstone

Born on January 31, 1981, Timberlake’s birthstone is the stunning Garnet.

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