Kate Middleton's Radiance in the Strathmore Rose Tiara

Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon's treasured tiara, now gracing Kate Middleton's radiance...

The Tiara's Legacy

In 2002, Queen Elizabeth II inherited the tiara, and chose not to publicly wear it during her lifetime.

A Tiara Frozen in Time!

Worn by Kate at a Buckingham Palace state banquet after nearly 90 years, this tiara gleams with historic diamonds.

Transformations of the Strathmore Rose

Wear it in diverse styles: atop the head, nestled in hair, or as five stunning brooches. Versatility in every sparkle!

Kate Middleton's Dazzling Ensemble

Kate's Jenny Packham gown, enriched with Queen Elizabeth II's earrings, pays homage to two iconic royal generations!

Legacy and Glamor

Kate's fusion of tradition and modernity—an exquisite tribute intertwining past legacies with contemporary allure.

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