Lana Del Rey: Billboard Hits & High Fashion

The Cinematic Songstress

Del Rey is an American singer-songwriter known for her cinematic music, exploring themes of tragic romance and melancholic melodies.

Viral Sensation to Critical Acclaim

In 2011, she gained fame with viral hit Video Games, leading to a major label contract and critical acclaim for Born to Die (2012).

Chart-Topping Success

Del Rey’s albums, including Born to Die, Ultraviolence and Norman Fucking Rockwell, achieved chart-topping success worldwide.

Awards and Accolades

11-time Grammys & 1 time Golden Globe nominee, she won 1 MTV Music Video Award, 3 MTV Europe Music Awards, 2 Brits, 2 Billboard Women in Music & 1 Satellite Award.

Iconic Style

Beyond her music, Lana’s fashion choices often draw attention, embodying a blend of retro chic and contemporary casual.

Super Bowl ‘24 Fashion Statement

Recently at Super Bowl ’24, she donned a custom San Francisco 49ers jacket, showcasing her unique style on a global stage.

Diamonds at the Super Bowl

Completing her look at the Super Bowl ’24, Del Rey adorned herself with a diamond pendant necklace, drop earrings and a ring.

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