Lenny Kravitz: American Singer & Songwriter

Plus, a breathtaking fashionista!

The Rise of Kravitz

Kravitz’s debut album, Let Love Rule, marked his career as an icon.

Beyond Music: Kravitiz’s swag or drag?

His eclectic fashion mirrors his diverse musical influences, a style that’s as vibrant & dynamic as his voice.

Was young Lenny Kravitz the OG trendsetter?

Locks, chains & statement bracelets– 90s fashion or just “Lenny being Lenny”?

WHAT… is this combo?

A blue hoodie, a brown blazer and a diamond ring? Only Lenny Kravitz can make this combo rock!

Flash Alert!

Where do we even begin? Was it the brown suede jacket, the gold shimmery tank or those fiery red leather pants?

2022 Grammys

Leather pants, chainmail tank and those killer boots– did he just redefine glam rock or what?

2023 Oscars

Flared pants, badass boots and silver chains, Lenny owned the red carpet.

2023 Jimmy Kimmel Show

Tinted shades, thigh-hugging trousers & an emerald ring. Could it be any more fascinating?

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