Linda Ronstadt's Biopic Buzz— Selena Set To Play The Rock Singer

Linda Ronstadt Is A Talented And Versatile Singer...

...who has performed and recorded in diverse genres, including rock, country, light opera, the Great American Songbook and Latin music.

Born on 15 July 1946...

...Linda's birthstone ruby perfectly complements her spirited and successful personality!

Linda's Hit Songs

From 1974's "You're No Good" to 1980's "Hurt So Bad," Linda's songs have never failed to amaze us.

Sparkling Achievements

11 Grammy Awards, 3 American Music Awards, 2 Academy of Country Music awards, an Emmy Award, and an ALMA Award.

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

A heartfelt 2019 documentary film that narrates the life and career of the singer won Best Music Film at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Where's Linda Now?

She retired in 2013 after being diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy, which prevented her from singing. She now lives in San Francisco.

Linda's Upcoming Biopic

Even though Linda has stepped away from the stage, her songs continue to resonate in our hearts and minds. We are excited to catch a glimpse of her in the upcoming biopic!

Selena Gomez To Play Linda Ronstadt

For the time being, little is known about the upcoming biopic, but Selena Gomez is set to play Linda's role.

Talk About Perfect Casting!

Not only are both Ronstadt and Gomez of Mexican descent, but they also share the same birthstone! The fiery and passionate ruby!

We Are Thrilled For The Upcoming Biopic

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