Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023: A Controversial Triumph

The Winner

Brooke Bruk-Jackson clinched the Miss Zimbabwe title in September 2023, yet her victory faced widespread disapproval among the public.

The Hustle

This 21-year-old model stood out as the only white-skinned participant at the pageant as the African country is predominantly black.

Social Media Controversy

Following her victory, Brooke posted joyful images on Instagram, but the responses were mostly negative.

Public Backlash

One netizen commented, "She doesn’t represent Zimbabwean women, she was only born in the country; she is a foreigner”.

Miss Zimbabwe’s Reaction

Brooke’s last sentence at the pageant was- “I want people who come into my life not to be inspired or transformed by my looks, but by the things in my heart”, which now holds deeper meaning after the public reaction.

Brooke’s Birthstone - Ruby

Born on 26 July, 2002, the 21 year old model has ruby as her birthstone, perfect to represent heart in all its love & glory.

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