Moments To Cherish With Anniversary Rings

Celebrate another milestone in your marriage with an eternity band, your exclusive token of remembrance & bond

Celebrating the First Five Years of Mushy Love

1st to 5th wedding anniversaries could be celebrated with gold, colorful garnets, white-sheened pearls, royal blue topaz, and multi-colored sapphires respectively

Remembering the Next Five Years of Affinity

6th to 10th wedding anniversaries could be made special with purple-hued amethyst, multi-hued onyx, pink tourmalines, vibrant blue lapis lazuli, and magnificent diamonds respectively

Ultimate Pleasure for 11th to 15th Wedding Anniversaries

These wedding anniversaries could be cherished with greenish-bluish turquoise, vivid green jade, stark yellow-orange citrine, colorful opal, and scarlet rubies respectively

Setting Yet Another Milestone in the Journey

20th and 35th wedding anniversaries are for lush green emeralds to celebrate with while the 40th and 45th ones are dedicated to rosy rubies and velvety blue sapphires respectively to bless you

Forever Keepsake for Silver Jubilee (25th) & Pearl Jubilee (30th)

25 years of trust and loyalty could be made immemorial with silver bands while the moments of the 30th wedding anniversary could be cherished with pearl-studded anniversary bands

Something Special on Golden Jubilee (50th) & Platinum Jubilee (70th)

If you are this lucky to have spent as much as 50 or 70 years of your life with this person, then they deserve to be told what they mean to you with a gold and platinum ring, don’t they?

Eternal Mementoes for Everlasting Bond

Gift her a color-shifting alexandrite stud to complement her charm on your 55th wedding anniversary and don’t forget to make your bond stronger with a diamond band to mark 60 years of your unconditional love

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