Netflix’s Documentary On Cleopatra

In the world of jewelry, Cleopatra is known for her love towards the green gem - emerald. But today the controversy about Netflix’s docudrama surrounds her color of skin

Not Just Skin Color

Since it is promoted as a documentary and not a work of fiction, any portrayal of the Egyptian Queen must conform to the historical records and not distort facts.

Adele James as Queen Cleopatra

The casting of the biracial actress has been said to ‘mislead’ audiences into believing that Cleopatra was of dark skin whereas being from Greek Origin, she was nowhere close to having African or dark features

The Legal Case

An Egyptian lawyer filed a formal complaint against the film, asking the public prosecutor "to investigate and take all legal measures against the creators of this work and against the platform's management for participating in this crime, and ban the platform in Egypt”

It’s Not About Racism

Mahmoud El-Semiry, the lawyer complainant, said "Our main objection is the falsification of these facts. It is not about being Black or White or even Yellow. Let's say they wanted to portray Cleopatra as a man, we would also object to that."

What’s Your Take?

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