Nicki Minaj: The “Super Freaky Girl”

Give a big round of applause for the “Queen of Rap”

Minaj - Jack of All Trades

Born as Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, Minaj is a renowned singer, rapper, songwriter as well as an actress

What is Minaj Known for?

Millions of Minaj’s fans, called Barbz, admire her for her rap flow with an animated touch, versatile taste in music and her alter egos

Minaj's Chartbuster Tracks

“Super Bass” (2010), “Starships” (2012), “Anaconda” (2014), “Chun-Li” (2018), “Super Freaky Girl” (2022), “Tusa” with Karol G, “Say So” with Doja Cat & “Trollz” with 6ix9ine

Minaj is a Proud Bearer of…

Brit Award, BET Awards, American Music Awards & Billboard Music Awards along with three counts of Guinness World Records

Minaj is a Family Woman!!!

The “Fallin 4 U” singer has been happily married to her childhood buddy Kenny Petty since 2019 and also parents a son with him

Minaj’s Dramatic Transformations

Who else can dare to make such bold confessions with her multi-color dyed hair and extravagant attire if not the “Queen of Rap”

Minaj’s Red Carpet Diaries

The “Barbie World” singer created her own classic Barbie & Cinderella moments on the red carpet

Dressed to Create Speechless Moments

Accessorizing at her best, Minaj knows how to bewitch the paparazzi and Barbz with her jaw-dropping ensemble

Minaj’s Love for Jewels…

Minaj’s craze for stacking metal chains, rings and bracelets is dazzling enough to make us go hazy!!!

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