Pharrell Williams — Music, Fashion and Bling

Pharrell Williams is more than just an American singer-songwriter...

He's also a rapper, record producer and fashion designer. Talk about being talented!

Grammy Awards Winner

Over the years, the 'Happy' singer has won 13 Grammys in multiple categories.

Groove to Pharrell's Hit Songs

From the jolly tunes of Happy and Feels to the upbeat melodies of Get Lucky and Come Get It Bae, Pharrell's music always makes your head bop.

Beyond Music

There is so much more to Pharrell than his amazing music. Yes, I am talking about his great taste in fashion and bling!

Oscar 2019 Red Carpet Look

The singer walked the red carpet in a camouflage print outfit but what stole the spotlight was his colorful gemstone necklace!

Diamond Ring

Just check out this stunner!

Emerald Heart Ring

Pharrell has also been spotted wearing a striking emerald heart ring!

Rock The Gemstone Look!

You too can rock the colorful gemstone-look like Pharrell! Explore GemsNY's collection today!