Phase of White Grace: White Gold vs. Platinum

Introducing 18 ct. Gold a.k.a White Gold

It is an artificial combination of pure yellow gold alloyed with white metals like silver or palladium to develop a durable and white lustrous compound

Platinum in the Spotlight

It is a naturally formed white metal possessing heavy density and offering long durability

Distinction 1: Metal Composition

Platinum is made up of 95% platinum with 5% of cobalt while white gold contains over 75% of pure gold and 25% palladium or silver

Distinction 2: Hypoallergenic

Platinum is the most hypoallergenic metal since it is 95% pure while wearing white gold may lead to skin irritation due to the considerable presence of alloy components

Distinction 3: Cost

For its density and rarity, platinum is over 25% costlier than white gold, making the latter more affordable

Distinction 4: Durability

Platinum, when scratched, does not get lost but rather gets displaced against white gold which is lost when scratched

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