Powerball Winner Can Own These Beauties!

Hold onto your lucky numbers, because your Powerball win just sparked a gem-tastic surprise! Get ready to unwrap the glimmering treasures of gemstones that'll leave you star-struck!

The Captivating Blue Sapphire

Surfing the blue waves! Dive into the ocean of serenity with a whopping 60 carats of oval shaped sapphire - a gem fit for a true Powerball winner!

Item Id#: SU47013OV


Nature's green elixir! Brace yourself for the 56 carats of emerald-cut emerald magic – a gem that'll whisk you away on an unforgettable adventure!

The Enchanting Emerald

Item Id#: EU280013EC


The Ruby Radiance

Fiery jackpot flames! Feel the heart-racing inferno with the 6 carats of oval ruby – a gem that sparks passion like a winning Powerball ticket!

Item Id#: RU18712OV


The Mystical Alexandrite

Color-changing enigma! Behold the 13 carats of alexandrite, transforming like a lucky Powerball number – an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping spectacle!

Item Id#: AL300025OV 


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