Rebel Moon Is Now Streaming

Hey sci-fi lovers, the wait is over! Zack Snyder is back with an otherworld sci-fi drama this time.

The Story Line

A young woman seeks warriors to help save her colony on the edge of the galaxy from the armies of Regent Balisarius.

Is It A Standalone Film?

No, ‘Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire’ is the first installment in a three part series with its sequel ‘The Scargiver’ expected in 2024.

Stealing Hearts On Netflix

Rebel Moon is stealing hearts of cinema lovers because it’s one of the few female centric Sci-Fi films with solid action sequences.

The Lead Actress

Sofia Boutella is playing the female lead Kora in the film.

About Sofia Boutella

The Algerian actress is a former Madonna dancer who has also been loved in her role as Ahmanet in The Mummy alongside Tom Cruise.

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