Ruby and Garnet: Which Red Gemstone is for You?

Let's learn the difference between ruby and garnet and find out which one appeals to you the most

Discovering the Chemical Composition

Ruby belongs to the corundum family, which comprises aluminum and oxygen atoms, whereas garnets are a group of silicates minerals containing silicon and oxygen

How Rare Are These Gemstones?

Compared to red garnets, which are available in plenty, fine-quality rubies are quite rare to find

Are Ruby and Garnet the Same Shade of Red?

While ruby exhibits a fiery & vibrant crimson shade with a hint of blue or purple, you can spot yellow/orange undertones in red garnets, which have a lighter and paler appearance

Which Gemstone Can Stand the Test of Time Better?

Ruby gemstone charms us with its impressive hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, whereas garnet's hardness lies somewhere between 6.5 to 7.5

Find Out Which One of Them Is Your Birthstone?

If you are January born, red garnet is the ideal gemstone for you, whereas you can celebrate your July birthday with ruby

Judging the Clarity of Ruby and Red Garnet

Inclusions are more common in rubies than in garnets, meaning red garnets exhibit better clarity

Is There a Difference in Their Prices?

The rarity of ruby makes it a more expensive gemstone when compared to red garnet

Which Red Gemstone to Buy?

If you are wondering which one to buy between ruby and garnet, you can explore your gemstone options at GemsNY!