Scottie Scheffler: Romantic Story Of The Golf Pro

Meredith is The Woman Behind the Golf Man

Behind every successful man, there is a woman and Scottie has got Meredith as his lady luck.

Courtship Period of 10 Years

Scottie Scheffler and Meredith Scudder met during their high school in Dallas. Since then, they have had a romantic timeline of 10 years.

Exchanged Wedding Vows in December 2020

It was 4th December 2020 when the lovebirds tied the knot. On their special day, Meredith chose a white gold ring and earrings.

Meredith Often Seen Cheering for Her Husband

In most of the golf matches, Meredith was spotted cheering and sharing victory moments with Scottie.

They are Expecting a Baby

The couple is expecting a new family member. In the victory speech of 2024, Scottie romantically spoke about his pregnant wife.

Mrs Scheffler Seems to be a Jewelry Lover

During tournaments, Meredith showcases her love for her husband and the sparkling jewels by wearing chain stacks, pendants and earrings.

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