Shohei Ohtani Wife - Mystery?

Take lessons from the Los Angeles Dodgers star on how to keep your personal life private

The Balanced Lifestyle

Despite being one of MLB’s biggest names, Ohtani has always managed to keep his close ones away from the paparazzis

The Sudden Reveal

The MLB superstar who’s famously private about his personal life, dropped a bomb on IG on Thursday, announcing that he’s married!

The Missed Opportunity

While we were all dead curious and hoping to see the bride in the post, Ohtani exactly knew what to do: no snap of the wife

The Saving Grace

Thankfully, the dual-threat player put a snap of his dog, who we somehow felt was teasing us with his big smile

The Undying Love

Love is a special feeling that some like to publicize whereas others like him pull out all the stops to keep it out of sight of the world

The Perfect Proposal

If you’re like the Baseball star, we are pretty sure a rose, a diamond ring and a nice secluded spot will make the perfect proposal