Taylor Swift's AFC Love Tale!!

Join Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce on a romance-filled journey, both on and off the field.

The MVP Connection

Championing love and victory, witness the magic as Swift seals the Chiefs' win with a kiss, leaving fans in awe.

Swift's Touchdown Style

Explore the runway of romance as Swift's style steals the spotlight, from chic outfit to dazzling custom diamond bracelet.

TNT - The Sparkling Bond

The 'TNT' friendship bracelet, inspired by Taylor's Midnights album, became a symbol of their sparkling connection.

Sparkle Up Like Taylor

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How Travis Met Taylor?

From concert lights to touchdown delights, Travis and Taylor’s love story began under the stars of Swift's Eras Tour.

From Tour Stops to Touchdowns

Swift's first Chiefs game marked the kickoff of their romance, with candid moments capturing their love story in the making.

Championing Love

Celebrating the AFC Championship win, Taylor and Travis embraced on the field, sealing their love story with a victorious kiss.

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