Taylor Swift’s Jewelry Collection: Grab the Ideas

The Famous Ruby Serpent Necklace

In her music video “Look what you made me do”, the singer was spotted wearing a diamond and ruby serpent necklace, featuring a snake with a body of gold bedecked with diamond accents and the eyes of rubies.

The Iconic Emerald Band

Emerald Gemstone Band got viral after Taylor’s popular song release “Love”. This ring features a series of emerald gemstones incorporated in a gold band.

Teal and Blue Sapphire Earrings

At the 57th Grammy Award, Taylor was spotted wearing a pair of stunning teal and blue sapphire bold earrings. After her appearance these ensembles became immensely popular among young girls.

Layers of Gold and Diamond Jewelry

In her appearance at the red carpet of MTV VMAs 2023, Taylor layered distinctive necklaces, from sleek to bold and completed her look with diamond ear cuffs.

Customized “RED” Ring

Draw inspiration for your ring from Taylor’s customized ring “RED” adorned with striking diamond accents by Cathy Waterman.

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