Travis Kelce & Taylro Swift - 2023 Relationship Timeline

A fashion playbook for game day glory

Sept. 24: Sporty Spice

Taylor Swift embraced game-day fervor, radiating Sporty Spice charm in white, black, and red.

Oct. 12: Stylish Supporter

Taylor flaunted a bespoke Chiefs jacket, symbolizing friendship and team spirit amid game excitement.

October 22: A Beauty in Red

Swift, in Chiefs red, celebrated triumph with Travis, blending team spirit and fashion finesse.

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October 22: Cheering for the Chiefs

Swift's attire echoed support, donning a vibrant red crewneck and subtle nods to personal connections.

Dec. 3: Snow Queen

Taylor Swift's regal allure in a bold red coat over sleek black attire.

Jets Game Day: Effortlessly Edgy

Casual yet sophisticated, Swift's attire at the Jets game echoed understated elegance, reflecting her effortless game-day style.

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