The Bachelorette: Who is Jenn Tran

Suitors, are you ready to know about the latest Bachelorette?

A Special Lead

She’s the first-ever Asian American bachelorette of the show

Sagittarius Power!

Her B-day falls on November 24, making her a fiery and lively Sag!


The 26-year-old aspiring physician assistant loves helping others

On A Hunt For Love

Finding love is all on her mind right now; she’s looking for a man who “has a really big personality”

Alexa, Play “In My Blood”

She’s really into Shawn Mendes’ music


Jenn feels “unfortunate” that there aren’t any Asian men in the cast

A Fun-Loving Gal

“I’m all about having fun... and I want someone who’s going to be able to take it as much as they can dish it”

Is Love Your Top Prio Like Jenn?

Express your love with a GemsNY ring ASAP before others line up to win her heart