The New August Birthstone - Spinel

In 2016, the American Gem Trade Association has designated spinel as the new birthstone for August.

Which Spinels Are August Birthstones?

Spinels are found in many colors like orange, lilac, gray, black and purple, to name a few, and all of them are August birthstones.

Benefits Of Wearing Spinel

Spinel gemstones are believed to benefit their wearers by boosting their self confidence and mental strength.

Physical Properties Of Spinel

Different spinel gemstones are semi transparent to opaque. They have a hardness score of 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Spinel Jewels To Choose From

Spinel bracelets, pendants and rings are some of the best ways of wearing the August birthstone.

Celebrities Who Choose Spinel

Famous celebrities, such as Jessica Chastain, Zendaya and Kristen Stewart like wearing spinel jewelry.

Where to Buy Stunning Spinel Jewelry

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