The Voice Has a New Gem - Mara Justine

Let's take a closer look in the upcoming slides at the rising star of "The Voice," the one and only Mara Justine...

The Jersey Girl Who Stole Hearts

Born on February 28, 2002, in Galloway, South Jersey, Mara Justine's journey from small-town girl to 'The Voice' sensation was pure magic.

A Musical Upbringing

In a close-knit family of four siblings, including her talented sister Jacey Marie, it was her mom, Linda Platt, who sparked Mara's passion for music from a young age.

The Audition That Echoed

At just 21, Mara Justine graced 'The Voice' stage with the timeless "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John. Her confidence radiated like a gem, captivating all.

The Four-Chair Turn

With a voice that cast a spell, the quartet of superstar coaches—John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Reba McEntire, and Niall Horan—turned their chairs in perfect harmony.

The Jersey Magic

"God, they make them different in Jersey," exclaimed Niall Horan, his voice filled with awe. "America is going to fall in love with that voice."

The Tough Choice

The coaches went all out, wooing Mara. And John Legend? Well, he had a cheeky grin as he teased the others. "I was the first to hit that button, just saying. Some folks just didn't see the gem sparkle as I did!"

Are You Ready to Shine too?

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