Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas in 2024

Groove to the rhythm of Valentine - Let’s pick the chits out-of-the-box

Personalized Couple Prezzies

Engraved Wine Glasses, Coffee Mugs, Cutlery Set, Bedcover & Pillow Set, Table-side Decor, Photo Album, Couple Outfits

Soulful+Aesthetic Bounties

Spa Natural Oils, Organic Bathing Bombs, Potted Plants, Ceramic Vases, Wall Art Pieces, Healing Crystals for Home Decor

Tech Savyy Boons

Smart Bands, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Bluetooth Headphones, Smart Glasses, Erasable Smart  Notebook, Pocket Camera, Portable Smart Mug, Tabletop Fireplace, Smartphone Screen Magnifier

Something That Piques Passion…

Men’s Grooming Tools, Sports or Gym Kit, Branded Cosmetics, Books, Home-made Confections, Premium Perfumes, DSLR, A Set of Chic Wardrobe, Passes of Spa, Gym or any Hobby Classes

To Leave Your “Valentine” in Awe

Adventure Trips, Lavish Rooftop Dining, Private Yacht Sail, Crackling Fireworks, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Tickets to a Broadway or Orchestra

Jewelry Treats for Women

Custom-made baubles (name/initial pendants, charm anklets, knot/infinity/birthstone rings), Fine Jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings), Statement Metal/Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry Delights for Men

Personalized motifs (birthstone charms, lockets, ID pendants/bracelets), Link Chains or Bracelets, Gemstone Rings or Studs & Designer Cufflinks

Unplugged Romance @GemsNY

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