Victoria Beckham's Engagement Rings Collection — Sparkling Statements

Let's take a glimpse at Victoria Beckham's treasure trove of dazzling engagement rings!

Victoria and David Beckham

Victoria Beckham, the iconic former Spice Girls singer, has been happily married to renowned footballer David Beckham for 24 blissful years.

Victoria's Magnificent Engagement Rings Collection

While most people settle for a single engagement ring, Victoria Beckham outshines most with not just one but an envy-inducing collection of 15 pieces!

Marquise-cut Diamond Ring

In 1998, when David Beckham decided to put a ring on Victoria's finger, he did so with a dazzling three-carat marquise-cut diamond ring, elegantly nestled on a classic yellow gold band.

Eternity Band

VB didn't waste any time in upgrading her finger bling! Soon after her marriage, she was spotted wearing a sparkling eternity band!

Emerald-cut Diamond With Baguettes

By 2003, Victoria Beckham was wearing this sparkling emerald cut diamond with side baguettes.

Pink Champagne Halo Diamond Ring

On VB's 30th birthday in 2004, David surprised her with a beautiful pink champagne diamond ring set in a heavenly halo style.

Pear-cut Diamond Ring

In 2005, Victoria received an epic pear-cut diamond, which weighed a jaw-dropping 17 carats. The sparkling gem sits snugly on a diamond pave band, adding a touch of extra brilliance!

Yellow Emerald-cut Diamond Ring

Another glamorous engagement ring Victoria owns is the breathtaking yellow emerald-cut diamond ring!

Cushion-cut Emerald Ring

Not just dazzling diamonds, Victoria's treasure trove sparkles with more than what meets the eye. VB was spotted wearing a magnificent cushion-cut emerald ring in 2007!

Emerald-cut Diamond Ring Makes A Comeback!

The 2008 emerald-cut diamond ring is just like its 2006 counterpart, with the only noticeable difference in its size! Crafted with love by Chopard, this dazzling gem weighs 15 carats.

Dazzling Oval-cut Ruby Set In Diamonds

In 2009, VB was spotted wearing an enchanting oval-cut ruby with a sparkling diamond setting!

Oval-cut Sapphire Ring

Victoria also owns a gorgeous oval-cutting sapphire ring! With this ring, her collection of precious gemstone engagement rings is now officially on point!

Pink Oval-cut Diamond Ring

Beckham wore an exquisite oval-cut ring featuring a gorgeous pink diamond that was delicately nestled on a pave band of shimmering yellow gold.

Stunning Round-Cut Diamond Ring

VB's treasure trove of magnificent engagement rings also revealed a beautiful round-cut diamond set in a halo design with two round side stones.

Ethereal Moonstone Ring

VB flaunted a one-of-a-kind moonstone engagement ring set in a diamond-studded platinum band.

Square-cut Diamond Ring

At Cannes in 2016, Victoria Beckham was spotted wearing a breathtaking square-cut diamond and platinum ring!

Yellow square-cut Diamond Ring

A sparkler just like her previous one, behold this dazzling square-cut yellow diamond stylishly resting on a pave diamond band.

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A sparkler just like her previous one, behold this dazzling square-cut yellow diamond stylishly resting on a pave diamond band.