Doja Cat: A Master of Contemporary Music & Fashion

Flashing some light on the dominance of successful American singer, rapper, and songwriter in the music and fashion world

From SoundCloud To Billboard

Starting as an amateur teenage music artist on the music stream platform SoundCloud, Doja Cat’s early fascination for striking music beats and lyrics got her to the top of the Billboard

Our  ‘Hot Pink’ Favorite Internet-Era Music Youth Icon

The dramatic success of her single ‘Mooo!’ in 2018 made Doja Cat an overnight sensation with her studio albums ‘Hot Pink’ in 2018 and ‘Planet Her’ in 2021, breaking records on the Billboard

Bizarre Internet Personality’s Red Carpet Quirky Stories

Equally popular for her bizarre outlook on fashion, Doja Cat has left the red carpet spectators stunned by her dauntless choices and skyscraping confidence to pull off just about anything to everything

Amazing Fans With Her Absurd Fashion Presence

Doja Cat has been dropping bombshells with her aesthetic experimental looks with body paint makeup and other-worldly fashion IQ with something never seen before

What’s “The Wall Street Journal” Views on Doja Cat?

The International Daily honored the recipient of several music awards as “a skilled technical rapper with a strong melodic sense and a bold visual presence”

Celebrating the Stardom of Rising Songstress of the Millennium

A big kudos to the Grammy Award winner to have made it into Time’s 2023 edition of the 100 most influential people in the World for her applauding music journey so far

But Doja…There’s Harm Being ‘Mean’

Doja Cat was brutally backlashed across Twitter by netizens in July 2023 for giving anguished reactions to her social media fan base for using her real name and the term ‘kittenz’

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