Guide To Promise Rings

Get the drift of promise rings to stand by your love with a tactile expression

What Is A Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a ring that manifests the commitment of love in a relationship

How Does It Look?

A promise ring looks similar to other typical rings in appearance

What Do Promise Rings Symbolize?

Promise rings symbolize the solemnity and devotion of a couple for each other

Are They Different From Engagement Rings?

Yes, because unlike engagement rings, promise rings don’t signify a formal declaration of marriage.

When Do You Give A Promise Ring?

You can give a promise ring any time before an engagement ring

How Much Should One Spend On It?

A promise ring should be unique and special but should not break the bank or put you in a debt trap

Which Partner Wears A Promise Ring?

It can be worn by both or any of the two partners in a relationship

A Promise Ring Goes On Which Finger?

In most cases, it’s worn on the ring finger of the left hand

Where Can You Find A Promise Ring?

Well, GemsNY is your best bet if creativity and value for money are what you’re seeking.