How Valuable Is Tanzanite?

Can you guess the value of tanzanite before jumping to the next slides?

Couldn’t Make A Guess?

Let me help you with that. Tanzanite is a trichroic gem that can show blue, red-violet and yellow-green colors depending on the viewing angle.

In Natural Light…

Tanzanite's can appear almost sapphire blue if you take a look at them in natural light.

…In Fluorescent Light

The tanzanite gemstone may appear amethyst-like, more violet, in fluorescent light.

Great Sapphire Substitutes

Many gem enthusiasts think of tanzanite's as the perfect sapphire substitutes.

Mined In Only One Place

Tanzanite is found in one place on earth, in Tanzania, that too, only within a 4 sq km area.

Rarer Than Diamond…

The tanzanite gemstone is considered to be over 1,000 times rarer than diamond.

…& On The Verge Of Extinction

Many believe that tanzanites are on the verge of extinction, with their mines expected to deplete within a few decades.

A Gem That Can Break Your Bank…

All these facts about tanzanite might make you think that it’s a gem that can break your bank.

…Not Really

Well, despite being one of the rarest gemstones, tanzanite sells for much less than other precious gemstones.

How Valuable Is Tanzanite?

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