Jewelry Treats For Your Maid of Honor

Tap over the following slides to take a look at some breathtaking jewelry picks for your bestie-cum-maid of honor

How is “She” Different From the Rest?

The Maid of Honor is usually the bride’s sister or a very dear pal, and acts as the closest and the ultimate help or assistant to the bride during the entire wedding ceremony

Personalized Locket of Memories

If she is your sibling or best friend, curate some of your craziest memories together and get them framed in a personalized locket for your maid of honor to cherish for life

Custom Name Necklaces & Bracelets

This is something your dearest will love to sport everywhere, cherishing you in her mind and heart every time she wears it…a personalized name necklace or bracelet…

Tie the Knot Jewelry For Her

And this is bound to attract her countless wondering eyes, a tie the knot piece of jewelry is perfect for a maid of honor who is either yet to get married or is already tied eternally to her partner

Charm Bracelets For Your Lady Love

If your favorite girl is into charms or a believer in faith & spiritualism, what could be a better jewelry piece than a charm bracelet with beautiful charms hanging around???

Birthstone or Zodiac-Inspired Jewelry

A jewelry piece embedded with her birthstone will bless your maid of honor with a lifetime of good fortune, success, and wealth; a zodiac sign/name engraved on metal is an equally trending bliss

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