Justin Timberlake's Birthstone Glam — Rocking the Garnet

The Charismatic and Talented Star

Meet Justin Randall Timberlake! An incredibly talented American artist who shines in various fields — from singing and songwriting to producing records and acting.

Justin's Hit Singles

From the lively and infectious tunes of "Can't Stop The Feeling!" to the heartwarming romantic melody of "Mirrors," Justin's songs never fail to impress us!

Justin's Birthstone

Justin was born on 31 January 1981. As an Aquarius, his zodiac sign is full of vibrant energy and creative flair. And guess what? His birthstone is the stunning garnet!

Garnet — One of the Renowned Gemstone Families

Garnet comes in a dazzling array of colors. Hessonite, also known as cinnamon stone, and tsavorite, the green gem, are the two stand outs.

Is Garnet a Good Choice for Jewelry?

Yes, absolutely. Hessonite (hardness-6.5) needs a little extra care but Tsavorite (hardness- 7-7.5) won’t bother you much!

Gorgeous Garnet Rings

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Dazzling Garnet Earrings

These garnet earrings are sure to captivate you with their beauty and charm!

Breathtaking Garnet Pendants

Grace your neck with these beautiful pendants, where elegance meets sparkle.

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