Kelce Brothers’ Podcast & Rob’s Bid On Eagles Jacket

During an episode of their podcast, the Kelce brothers said that Rob had been outbid and the auction has been raised to about $20,000.

What Was McElhenney’s Response?

Rob McElhenney posted  “You better hit refresh”, followed by a smile emoji and tagged Jason and Travis.

What Was McElhenney’s Last Bid?

McElhenney raised his bid from $10,050 to $35,000.

What Is The Current Bid?

The auction is live on Eagles Autism Foundation Gameday Auction and the current bid is $62,000.

What Is So Special About This Jacket?

Princess Diana once wore this jacket and it is signed by Kylie Kelce.

Other Famous Belongings Of Princess Diana

Princess Diana is also known for her iconic jewels and her diamond sapphire ring is well known to jewelry lovers.

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